Martin Maslonka

Management - Chairman & Principal
Force Capital Partners (FCP): Founder & Chairman (2006 – present) FCP was the majority owner of ECS and provided the significant financial and management resources required to execute the Company’s business plan. MasTec: Transmission & Substation (2011 – 2014) MasTec’s T&S group ...

Alana McGillivray

Management -
Force Capital Partners (FCP): Senior Contract Administrator As the Senior Contract Administrator for Force Capital Partners, Alana will provide oversite as the Owners Representative on the construction of a 20,000 square foot commercial facility in Santa Rosa Beach. As the Senior Contract ...

Liz Higgins

Management -
Force Capital Partners (FCP): Senior Administrator As the Senior Administrator for Force Capital Partners’ Nevada office, Liz came on board in October 2006 to assist with bookkeeping, budgeting, accounting and billing/invoicing for FCP-managed entities, including EC Source Services, EC Source ...