Sid Strauss

  • Force Capital Partners (FCP): Environmental Compliance

  • Spartan Infrastructure: Advisory Board

    Serves as Chairman of Spartan’s Environmental Council. The purpose of the Council is to evaluate the effectiveness of company environmental programs, sustainability objectives, and best management practices. The Council also shares best practices with executive leadership team and project leadership. As Chairman, Sid presides over Council meetings, leads group discussions, and provides recommendations, if any, for improvement.

  • Strauss Capital LLC (2015–Present)

    Founder of Strauss Capital, providing financing and construction oversight on commercial and residential projects. These Alaska and Arizona projects mainly focus in the care of elderly residents of assisted living and memory care facilities. The Anchorage facility is in stabilization process with Phase II planned for the 2021 Spring Construction Season. A second facility has recently opened on the Kenai Peninsula to serve the younger, Group Home Community.

  • Energy Environmental Group, Inc (EEG): President (2009–2015)

    As President of EEG, Sid was the environmental management executive responsible for supplying environmental services on major EHV transmission projects. His responsibilities included the securement of equipment and profession labor required to execute the environmental aspects of multiple and concurrent EHV transmission projects. Environmental services provided by EEG under Sid’s leadership included Right-of-Way clearing, environmental survey, erosion control management, spill response management, biological monitoring, and overall environmental compliance.

  • Maslonka & Associates (M&A), VP of Environmental Management Services (1999–2007) *Merged with InfraSource 2004

    As Vice President of Environmental Management Services, Sid developed the industry’s most comprehensive environmental management programs for M&A’s largest transmission line construction projects. Under Sid’s direction, M&A’s environmental department employed numerous environmental scientists, wildlife biologists, and geologists dependent on project-specific needs and permitting requirements. Sid was also responsible for overseeing project environmental services to include spill response and remediation, stormwater pollution prevention plan management, biological monitoring, cultural resource monitoring, paleontological monitoring, Right-of-Way restoration, and employee environmental training. As Vice President of Environmental Management Services, Sid’s oversaw environmental management on numerous high voltage transmission projects in California, Washington, Georgia, Maine, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.

    Prior to joining M&A, Sid worked in numerous other environmental capacities to include management positions on environmental and civil site restoration projects for both the private and government sectors. Sid received his Master of Science degree from Washington State University in 1994.