Shane Watson

  • Force Capital Partners (FCP): Engineering and Procurement

  • Spartan Infrastructure: Advisory Board

    Shane’s 15 years of transmission line engineering experience includes some of the most significant 345-500kV Transmission Engineering Procure Construct (EPC) programs of the 21st Century. A well-respected expert in line engineering, his recent work includes some of the most cutting-edge engineering and construction methods in the industry. Shane now consults for Spartan leadership on the technical engineering and constructability aspects of EPC projects.

    From 2006-2016, Shane worked for Electrical Consultants, Inc. (ECI) as the Lead Designer/Field Engineer on several turnkey EPC projects. His deep expertise in structural foundations were critical to assuring construction conformance to high quality standards and meeting stringent project timelines. In 2016, Shane founded a transmission line design firm, SiteServe Professionals. Since then, he has worked closely with the line engineering departments for Southern California Edison (SCE) and Arizona Public Service (APS).

  • Recent Project Experience

    Southern California Edison (SCE) – 220kV West of Devers (2018)

    Shane evaluated the technical construction proposals and developed the specifications for the new line (e.g. foundations, pole designs, pole top assemblies and grounding specs).

    American Transmission Company (ATC) - 138kV Prefabricated Foundation (PFF) Project (2016) In one of the first projects of its kind, Shane advised on the design and oversaw the use of a low-profile vibratory hammer to install the PFFs along 50-miles of low-lying wetlands in Wisconsin. The project was an acclaimed success and allowed for the use of normal matting and nightly energization of the 69kV line when required.

    American Electric Power (AEP) - 345kV/765kV Sullivan Substation Upgrade Project (2015-2016) Shane assumed leadership after the construction contractor experienced quality issues on seven failed foundations. He instructed the construction crews on the American Concrete Institute (ACI) specifications and taught them how to excavate, set and pour foundations in deep, wet, and collapsing excavations.

    PacifiCorp - 345kV EPC Sigurd to Red Butte Transmission Line (2013-2015) As the Lead Field Engineer, Shane led the Quality Assurance (QA) oversight. Running through arduous, mountainous terrain, the line required numerous active redesigns due to constructability issues and difficult site conditions.

    PacifiCorp - Mona to Oquirrh 345/500kV EPC Transmission Project (2011-2013) As the field engineer on the EPC project, Shane resolved several key design and constructability issues. At one site, located adjacent to a highway and only 8’ above the water table, Shane organized and oversaw the dynamic load capacity test to validate a foundation redesign. The 200’ high lattice dead-end structure originally called for four 9 x 80’ caisson foundations. Obtaining the test data, Shane successfully redesigned the foundation, saving $1M in cost and $6M in risk associated with the construction of the original design.

  • Publications / Presentations

    Combining Construction Methods, Engineering, Inspection and Testing: ASCE SEI/ATS Conference Sept 2015 titled Deep Foundations

    Helicopter Aided Construction (What to Know for Efficient and Cost-Effective Projects): Northwest Power Pool Association (NWPPA) Engineering and Operations Conference April 2016